About us

Loom Goods was started by Karyn Blosil and Ashly Lark in 2014. Karyn and Ashly originally met and became friends in college. Upon graduation, they separated ways as Ashly moved to New York City with her husband, and Karyn continued onto graduate school. Karyn eventually made her way to Southern California then Portland with her husband and three children, and currently resides in Salt Lake City. Ashly and her husband, along with their four children, have since planted their roots in Southern California. 
Despite living in different states for the last 10 years, Ashly and Karyn have remained close friends bonding over their growing families and common interests. Two of those common interests included a love of home decor that fit their simple, yet sophisticated style and a desire to start a business that would allow them to put family first while exploring and expanding their creative talents. The melding of these two interests became Loom Goods. 

Loom Goods' unique and authentic style was officially born after Ashly traveled to South Africa and fell in love with Mudcloth. Its' rich texture and bold, simple patterns make it versatile and timeless. Karyn and Ashly decided to use Mudcloth to create pillows that possess a more organic, minimal style rather than the bohemian, eclectic style it is often used for. This is a personal reflection of their shared decorative mission to bring comfort and simplicity to your home. 

In their efforts to pair this bold and beautiful Mudcloth with neutral and complimentary fabrics, the signature Loom Collection came to fruition. Karyn and Ashly custom designed these textiles which currently consist of four original patterns. Using their eye for design, the Loom Collection is fresh and modern, but also works well in a traditional home. 

Welcome to Loom Goods!